The Devil's Hand

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Main Details

  • Released in 1962 | B & W
  • Running Time: 71 Min.
  • Production Co: Rex Carlton Productions
  • Distribution Co: Crown International Pictures (1962) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by William J. Hole Jr.
  • Written by Jo Heims
  • Starring Linda Christian, Robert Alda, Ariadna Welter, Neil Hamilton
  • Produced by Alvin K. Bubis, Dave Carney, Harris Gilbert, Pierre Groleau, Jack Miles, Nick Newberry, Rex Carlton
  • Original Music by Allyn Ferguson, Michael Terr
  • Cinematography by Meredith M. Nicholson
  • Film Editing by Howard Epstein

Plot Summary

  • A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman. When he finally meets her, he winds up involved in a Satanic cult.

Also Known As

  • Devil's Doll
  • Im Bann der Puppe (Germany)
  • Live to Love
  • La Muñeca del diablo (Venezuela)
  • The Naked Goddess
  • Witchcraft (USA) (working title)


  • The men she loved lived to love no others!
  • Still alive...the ancient cult of voodoo as it is practised today!
  • ...It struck with savage fury destroying...killing all that crossed its path!
  • This is the hand of terror!
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