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Hey Jason! Thanks for joining the site. If you need any help editing the pages etc, just let me know. - cheers, Pete

Sweetback: Well when I first saw the film I didnt think it really qualified as what we now regard as exploitation via Blaxploitation but was def a precursor to it. I considered it more of an indie arthouse/cult film about a black man. So I didnt categorize it in the blax genre. For me, Shaft is the official first true film of the Blax genre since its a studio made crime movie with the iconic black hero.

"critic Roger Ebert, commenting on a review of the 2004 film about the making of sweetback, did not consider this example of Van Peebles' work to be an exploitation film."

Posters can be 900px wide or bigger

you're the zappa expert, so if you say so, 200 motels isnt a hippie film

with the posters, the higher the resolution/clearer the better.

hey jason what is the best way to reach you (email)?

try to get really hi-res posters if possible, if theyre blurry or watermarked, etc theres no point in uploading em

all pics should be bigger size and hi-quality as possible. like the actor pages, we need really good ones, that arent blurry. also black and white versions are preferred.

- great job on the site editing dude! -Pete

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