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  • A woman gets thrown into distant future (2001) in what is probably the first and last meisaku roman scifi film. The basic plot alone makes Time Adventure more inventive than most of Nikkatsu’s genre films. And that’s not where the good things end; the first encounter with the[Blade Runner-esque future is full of great wtf moments. There’s even special effects... well, a special effect. Back to the Future is also borrowed to some extent. Too bad the film falls to the usual genre trap; too much sex, sex and sex. And none of it has anything to do with anything. It’s easier to ignore in the beginning where there’s enough good scenes around the physical action but later the burden becomes too heavy. It’s a shame as the film really has its moments. Director Yojiro Takita later found success in the mainstream market, with pics such as When the Last Sword is Drawn and Ashura, after a long row of pink films. --HungFist
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