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25th Anniversary 2 DVD Review

  • DISC 1: As well as a beautiful new transfer of the film, you also get a Feature Length Audio Commentary with actor Ian McCullough (who plays Peter West in the film).
  • FOOD FOR THE WORMS: An entertaining, informative interview with Captain Haggerty (the guy who plays the first Zombie on the boat).
  • ZOMBI GALLERY: A slide show presentation of Production Stills, Theatrical Film Posters and Lobby Cards for Zombi 2.
  • DISC 2: RAISING THE DEAD: A very interesting and entertaining group of interviews with the cast and crew who helped make Zombi 2. Fulci proteges like his DP Sergio Salvati, Screenwriter Dardano Sachetti, Composer Fabio Frizzi, Special FX Master Gianetto DeRossi and others all talk about their adventures making Zombi 2 in New York City and the Carribean. Theres alot of insight on how they feel about Lucio Fulci's place in Cinema as well. They also talk about how much Fulci was a fun and unpredictable guy to work with.
  • BUILDING A BETTER ZOMBIE: The crew of Zombi 2 speak about the differences between Fulci and Romero's zombies (they all agree Fulci's zombies are more effective) and also explain how they went about creating their own zombies. Screenwriter Dardano Sachetti also clears up the story about how Zombi 2 became known as the unofficial sequel to Romero's Dawn of The Dead.
  • AN EVENING WITH A DAKAR: A funny and strange musical performance by the Carribean actor Dakar (who played Lucas in Zombi 2).
  • ZOMBIE TRAILER REEL: Several fun trailers from a bunch of classic Zombie films.
  • PICTURE: The new transfer of this film by Media Blasters is incredible. The film looks better than ever! The colors are bright, the picture is clear and sharp. Fulci fans can rejoice because you will also see Zombi 2 in its original uncut gory glory! Pair this up with Anchor Bay's DVD release of The Beyond and you have one awesome Grindhouse Double Feature!
  • SOUND: Talk about a great sounding DVD! Zombi 2's score is filled with everything from Carribean music to straight up Shocking Zombie Stings! Turn off the lights, grab a tasty snack, crank the sound up on your home theater system and enjoy!
  • FINAL WORD : After being a Fulci fan for several years now, I've found the real mastery with Fulci was the precise, amazing direction. Another very impressive thing in films like Fulci's Zombi 2 is the incredible artistry the Italian crews brought with them. They were all technical artisans and could create great FX from scratch and use what they had (which was usually not alot) to make something unique. Zombi 2 delivers folks. It delivers big time.


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