White Fire 1984

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White Fire (Vivre pour survivre) (1984, Turkey|/France/UK) is an Action-Drama-Thriller film directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy. Whitefire84.jpg

Main Details

  • Released on September 19, 1984 (France)
  • Color
  • Running time: 101 minutes
  • Production Co.: A.F.M. | Film Centre International (as F.C.I.) | Les Films J.M.P. (as J.M.P.)
  • Directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy
  • Written by Jean-Marie Pallardy and Ted Francis
  • Starring: Robert Ginty, Fred Williamson, Belinda Mayne

Plot Summary

  • Two Russian siblings living in Istanbul, Turkey, who work in the diamond fencing business, scheme to steal the newly discovered legendary diamond White Fire, but their rivals have other plans in mind.


  • Extermination is the reward for the world's richest prize.
  • At risk is their very existence. The reward is the legendary "white fire" diamond
  • Sometimes diamonds are not a girl's best friend.

Also Known As

  • Executor: Misión sangrienta (Argentina)
  • Valkoinen tuli (Finland)
  • Beyaz Alev (Turkey)
  • White Fire - Der Todesdiamant (West Germany)
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