Whiskey Mountain

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Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running time 95 minutes
  • Production Co: Whiskey Mountain Production Co.
  • Distribution Co: Celestial Films, Inc.
  • Directed by William Grefé
  • Screenplay by Nicholas E. Spanos, William Grefé
  • Starring Christopher George, Preston Pierce, Roberta Collins
  • Music by Charlie Daniels
  • Cinematography Julio C. Chávez
  • Edited by Julio C. Chávez, Ronald Sinclair

Plot Summary

  • Bill, Dan, Diana and Jamie, four motorcyclists who arrived at Whiskey Mountain for a treasure hunt, are terrorized in the woods by a gang of murderous hillbilly drug dealers.


  • A Search For Treasure Turns To Terror!
  • Where you can lose your life - or your mind!
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