What Was Playing on The Deuce: January 1980

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Jan 4, 1980

Victory: Two Sisters/ Judgement Day/ The Joy of Fooling Around Times Square: Kung Fu Heroes/ Blind Rage Cine 42: Skatetown U.S.A./ Which Way is Up? 2: Deadly Angels Empire: Soul Brothers of Kung Fu/ The Black Dragon and the Yellow Tiger/ Chinese Mack

January 11, 1980

Times Square: Duel in the Tiger’s Den/ Bloody Fist Selwyn: Slave of the Cannibal Gods/ Streetfighter/ Return of the Streetfighter Empire: The Hot, the Cool, and the Vicious/ Chinatown Kid/ Dragon Squad

January 18, 1980

Victory: Inside Desiree Coustaeau/ Devil’s Playground/ Teenage Hustle Times Square: Linda Lovelace for President/ The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington Selwyn: Angry Dragon/ Black Belt Violence New Amsterdam: The Angry Dragon/ Black Shampoo Cine 42: Revolt of the Dragon/ The Young Dragon/ Black Belt 2: Deadly Angels/ Bruce Lee: His Last Days Empire: Soul of Chiba/ Bodyguard/ Kung Fu Master

January 25, 1980

Victory: Come Under My Spell/ Hungry Young Women/ Swedish Mynx Lyric: Golden Leopard’s Brutal Revenge/ Bamboo House of Dolls Selwyn: Killer From Yuma/ Samurai Kid New Amsterdam: On the Yard/ Women in Block Seven Cine 42: Dragon’s Executioner/ Force Four 2: Covert Action/ Return of the Tiger Empire: Soul of Chiba/ Bodyguard/ Fearless Fighter

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