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Space alien Captain Putz assigns two of his troopers, Sgt. Jackoff and Private Asshole, for a special mission. His instructions:

"Operation Procreation has begun. In your cocks rests the future of our civilization. Our planet will be destroyed in 500 years as it's orbit merges with that of our sun. You must prepare planet earth for our eventual habitation. You must ball with earth women to begin our race with that planet. Remember, only screw with suckers. You must impregnate several of the earth women. You must not fuck up this mission. The future of our damned race depends on your performance. Enough masturbation, go get it on!"

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And that's the whole plot of the story. The aliens land in Hollywood and (Thanks to their extraterrestrial wizardry in their spaceship) they're able to view miscellaneous locations where couples are having sex. At first, the spacemen have to be instructed on how humans mate. It's a bit similar to their own ways, except their phallic members emerge from their mouth instead. These guys even make a joke how weird it is to enter that "Slushy hole" down there. Just to give you an idea how this movie's structured, what will happen is that the aliens will view area to area (ranging from a brothel, a fancy house, a movie-set, a warehouse etc..) and in each location, some couple will start to get naked and make out. During the moment of climax, the aliens will freeze time and teleport the women back to their spaceship for their special breeding purposes. So besides going through with their goals of impregnating earth women, they make the women more sexual when they're returned them back to their lovers. You often hear the title, Wham Bam, Thank You Spaceman, being said by a couple of girls after they're done receiving their "Intergalactic fucking". If I go overboard with this quoting, it's because the dialogue seems to steal the show in this one. Though MUCH of the dialogue is certainly politically incorrect in this day and age (which Include homophobic slurs and often referring to women only as certain parts of their anatomy) That's probably one of the reasons why these films stand out to a core audience. You just can't see, or hear, anything like this anywhere else. ...Spaceman still has it's faults though. Many of the sex scenes become tiresome after a while and the humor often falls flat. What's mostly it's savior is the inclusion of some nice eye candy consisting of some hottie starlets like Dyanne Thorne, Sandy Carey, Anne Gaybis and (though she only appears for like 10 seconds) the stunning Haji. Worth checking out just to see how bold comical softcore could get.

Reviewed by Laydback

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