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BTW-I just realized that your Putney Swope in the forum (should I register there?) Regardless, about your Mondo question: I'm working on a review of book I read some time ago, Killing for Culture: an Illustrated Guide of Death on Film from Mondo to Snuff. It's got EVERYTHING. I was actually reading this around the time I watched Inside Deep Throat. Coincidentally, the movie SNUFF benefited in the same way as Deep Throat (although serruptitiously--read the book for info...) The book does an excellent job at pointing out how Mondo, for a brief period in the mid-70s, gradually overcome hardcore porn due to desensitized audiences (debatable..) nevertheless, KFC is one of the best surveys I've found on Mondo and similar shockumentaries. The fulfillment of death on screen had the potential to induce big numbers at the box office. Also, KFC speaks at length how this real-life transition influenced the concept for Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust (and the ultimate controversy that ensued upon its release). Hopefully, this info helps. Let me know. You are Putney Swopes, right?

I'm using firefox. I know the password, but tried retrieving it with both of email accounts to see what would happen, nothing. Let me know. It says my user name (TayvisDunnahoe) doesn't exist. Thanks for your help.--[[User:TayvisDunnahoe|Texploited]] 14:16, 2 March 2010 (UTC)

Could you give me a rundown GCDB forums, mainly the article research board. I'm looking at a few subjects to write on, but I'd like to get a feel what others are doing. Also, I had some feedback for a couple of the posts. I tried logging in but it wouldn't accept. Let me know. Thanks.--[[User:TayvisDunnahoe|Texploited]] 13:43, 2 March 2010 (UTC)

Pete, should the Directors, Producers, Actors, etc. be alphabetized by last name? I'm trying to organize for future profiles and it seems to difficult to discover figures we've covered or haven't yet included. I typically search for "last names" in alphabetized categories, so I thought it might do better to organize these names that way. I actually started with the Producers category (i.e. "Category:Producer|Ormond" for Ron Ormond. However, before I went into the Director's tab I thought I'd check with you first. (I probably should have done that first). Anyway, let me know which way you think makes the most sense. I don't mind doing the work. Thanks. BTW I appreciate you letting me on. I'm enjoying the process!!--[[User:TayvisDunnahoe|Texploited]] 19:24, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

Pete, How do I change my signature to the appropriated nickname: Texploited? User:TayvisDunnahoe

added bay of blood to twitch of nerve page...

u can delete bay of blood if you want

looks great so far. Reminder: the screencap size is 300 X 150. So theyll fill the whole area.

Great great job on the Bava reviews! You did your own Bava Thon! He was def one of the best.

If ya cant find non-stamped posters (we def dont want stuff that has that crap on it), you can always use screenshots or good DVD covers.

pete? youve forgot to put ur name aka reviewed by under Boggy Creek II‎ - GBS

edited ghostkeeper --PopeyePete 19:25, 24 February 2008 (CET)

edited frozen scream

edited the oblong box

edited lisa and the devil


this page wasnt added in the projection room but came up in search. so someone made the page and didnt added it in the projection room in a category. just wanted to let you know. lets hope that was a individual case - GBS

that was me probably. I think I added the title on that mario bava collection but never added it in the proj room. theres prob more titles like that, but we'll fix em as time goes on.

yeah we will fix that. time to watch another movie right now - GBS

edited prom night

pete? u removed the Press Kit on the prom night page. out of mistake? i re-added it.

oops! it mustve been a mistake when I was editing the page. sorry.

edited deadline

pete? can you please edit for me on the english tip Bruce's Deadly Fingers and Three Tough Guys. thanks. - GBS

edited three tough guys and bruces

pete? is that proper english? Occupation: Beer Drinking Master/Movie Addict..........just added that to my user page :) - GBS

You could put: Master Beer Drinker or Master of Beer Drinking. Sounds a lil better. - pete

edited black caesar

pete? james brown did also some parts in films as an actor. no big roles. coz you changed it on the category back to only composing. but he had his roles in films. - GBS

ok, i didnt remember seeing him in anything, so I didnt know. we can change it to "films with cameos and music composed by..."

yeah because he was only in a movie like 15 to 30 seconds. but thats acting to me :) in 2 of the movies in the category hes in it as an actor - GBS

edited inserts

edited human lanterns

edited love camp 7

edited shaolin 18 brave men

edited gestapos last orgy

edited galaxina

i dont like the style of the IB dvd subpage. i dont think yet another shade of orange is necessary, i thought the previous idea with the thin border was pretty good. maybe we can also do without a border.... what do you think? --Seb 23:38, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

I kinda liked the orange tone without the black border. it gives it a diff look. i think we shouldnt overdo those black borders too much. plus the page just looked really empty to me. the color sort of fills things in a bit and gives it a more completed, modern look. the reason i think is because unlike the category box its a basically the whole page thats being used. we can always try another idea if u really hate it. i just did it fast.

check your grindhouse email, amigo. and regarding that dvd subpage issue, lets talk about that via messenger. the problem i see with it is the yet another orange that we're bringing in.... --Seb 17:02, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

Hey man, I saw that GCDB stopped following me on Twitter, and that you hadn't posted in a couple days. Just checking to make sure everything's copacetic. My Raw Meat review make you mad? It is a very controversial no way actually. LOL. Just wanted to check dude. Thanks.

-Casper (AKA Brian)

Also, I'm assuming you are the same user who operates the Twitter account, sorry if I'm mistaken

Hey Brian, I dont remember unfollowing you. But Im taking a break from spending alot of time on Twitter right now. Im still posting links to new reviews though. But I liked your Raw Meat review. Nothings wrong there at all. Please feel free to keep posting your reviews. Thanks for the message! -- PopeyePete 11:23, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

No problem dude, I understand taking a break. I had to lock my updates when I found my work is on twitter and I don't want anything to come back to me from the corporate b.s. machine. If you want to request to follow me again, I will accept and all will be well. The links you post on twitter to my reviews are much appreciated. Thanks man.-- Casper Von Sidecar

Ya gotta watch out, theres alot of idiots on some of these networks too. Thats why I'm backing away from them for awhile. I appreciate your reviews for the site. Youve done a great job! ttyl! --PopeyePete 10:30, 12 July 2009 (UTC)

Are there problems adding newer exploitation films? I was thinking about working on One-Eyed Monster and My Name is Bruce, both of which came out within the past year or two. --Lafnlab 05:55, 10 October 2009 (UTC)

right now we want to stay within the classic theatrical film era (30s-80s), nothing past around 1987 (when most of the grindhouses started closing and VHS/cable tv took over the exploitation scene). Maybe one day we'll cover newer films but theres so many we need info on from the old days. --PopeyePete 12:10, 10 October 2009 (UTC)

Hey Pete, I just found out the sad news that Paul Naschy died a few days ago. Do you think we should have a little message or something on the site's main page? Let me know if you want me to write anything. All the best - Darren Narcan

Hey D, Yeah I heard about it too. I thought Id keep the site news free for now, but if you felt like writing something special on his bio page, I could post a link. Whatever you want, is cool with me! Thanks! --PopeyePete 14:22, 7 December 2009 (UTC)

Hi Pete. I hope you like the Paul Naschy biography. I enjoyed your review of the Shock Festival DVD; can't wait to get hold of a copy but completely agree with everything you said - too often what's written about exploitation cinema treats the movies like freaks to be jeered at before going off to watch a 'proper' movie. When I was trying to sum up the appeal of Paul Naschy's movies I wanted to focus on his genuine passion for the horror genre, he never set out to make anything kitsch, and how his enthusiam is charming and infectious. I want movies to be crazy and to make me laugh because they're outrageous not because they're dreadful. I'll stop ranting now. All the best - Darren Narcan

That whole rant was something I had to get out. I just have noticed alot of that kind of two faced activity from alot of these online critics and it bugs me. It makes me not trust them when I hear that kind of stuff. Theres a difference between watching a film and not liking it and watching a film that you enjoy and then calling it bad/trash because its not made by some big studio. Makes no sense. My opinion is : If you like it, dont disrespect it. Be fair and praise it without the buzz words if you enjoy it. Thats all. --PopeyePete 18:35, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

The alphabetizing is something I picked up editing on Wikipedia. It's kind of a neat/useful tick, and will hopefully make things easier to find. If someone was looking for The Evil Dead, they would probably look under E instead of T. Also, it's a good excuse for me to look at the articles for a lot of different movies. Happy New Year --Lafnlab 15:37, 2 January 2010 (UTC)

Hi Pete, Hope you like the Weng Weng review. The print of the film I watched was titled D'Wild Wild Weng and I think this is the name that the film is most commonly known under. The web page was already set up with the name D'Wild Weng Weng; I don't know if you want to amend this? I didn't want to delete anything or mess around with the links to other pages without speaking to you first. All the best - Darren Narcan

Hi Pete, As you'll see I've created new pages for the 1st 5 films starring El Santo with the intention of working my way through his complete filmography - it might take me a while but I'll add reviews for the ones I've seen and maybe do a bio too - do you think you could create an subgenre icon/category for Santo & Friends or Lucha Libre? Cheers - Darren Narcan - 04 MAR 2010

Hey Pete, I'm glad you liked the Lucha Libre piece. I'll create pages for all the Santo titles as I really dig the colourful posters and it's great to pull together a definitive list but I've only seen about 15 of the movies in total to be able to review (some without English subs & my Spanish is almost nada!!). Some are very rare so maybe I'll put a shout out on the forum for input from any other Santo fans. Take it easy - Darren Narcan - 07 MAR 2010

Hey Pete, I've got a great view of the clear blue sea from my window so it looks like summer might have finally arrived in the UK. The finishing line is in sight with listing all the El Santo movies & I'll post something on the forum when I'm done. All the best - Darren Narcan - 15 JUN 2010

Hi Pete, I've been uploading a few pics to exisiting Hammer film pages and have noticed we have a few duplicate entries: Plague of the Zombies has 2 pages, The Witches & The Devil's Own - 2 pages but actually the same movie, Satanic Rites Of Dracula & Count Dracula & His Vampire Bride - again 2 pages but the same movie. I'm cautious about deleting stuff so thought I'd run this by you in case you wanted to tidy these up. All the best - Darren Narcan - 24 OCT 2010

Thanks for bringing this up! I def want to delete any films with 2 pages. Ill try to fix those ones today, Cheers! - PopeyePete 13:45, 24 October 2010 (CEST)

Hey Pete, I just wanted to quickly say Hi & tell you that the reason I've not added anything new to the site for a while is because I've had some major computer hassles & internet issues at home which has been a royal pain in the ass! Things are almost back to normal, I've got a great new laptop, a few new reviews under way so should be back in action soon. All the best - Darren Narcan - 12 DEC 2010

Yo Pete! Looks like I double billed this one (Bad Penny is the original title with Sexual Exploits as an alternative). I'm not sure how to delete pages, so I'll defer to you. Let me know which one you keep active. Thanks.

Sorry about the hassle...

FYI - Blanked "Death Master" Poster page to add image to original title "The Deathmaster"

Also - "Beast of Blood" Poster Page is duped as (1970) & (1971) [Film released in 1971/Poster is dated for MCMLXX - i think that's 1970 in roman numerals?] Anyhow, I defer to you as this was one of your reviews, and a good one I might add. (I resized the images to match the mat ad you have on the page - hope you don't mind)

Thanks, have a great day! Texploited

I've been using a template... Just dawned on me that I was leaving "Review" category. I'll be sure to leave that off of new pages. Thanks for the heads up. --Texploited

Sorry about AD/AM. I thought it was an unnecessary page until I noticed that many of the others were created as "Review 2." I meant to go back and fix that, but got ahead of myself. --Texploited

Yo Pete! How've you been? I noticed the forum has been down for a while? Or, was I supposed to re-register? Let me know.

Also, I just confirmed a future interview with Steve Barkett, director, The Aftermath (1981). My review was a bit soppy, but I was really jazzed with this film and had to know more. After several stale emails, Steve finally got back to me and we'll be discussing his film and some of the behind-the-scenes details of working with Ted V. Mikels and Sid Haig. I pitched this as a GCDB exclusive, so I wanted to check with before posting, i.e., how you want to tag it? Type of page? etc. Let me know how you would like an exclusive interview added to the database. Other than this, I hope you've been doing well. I've been covered up with work and a few outside writing projects and hope to get back to the db soon. I look forward to your reply. -- Texploited

Yo Pete, just confirmed with Steve Barkett an interview for next Wednesday! Once I've transcribed/edited the Q&A I'll touch base to how you want to set it up. (FYI - I might need a little guidance to post properly.) Thanks again! I'll let you know how it goes.

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