Jackie Coyle

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  • NAME: Jackie
  • BORN: 1979
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • INTERESTS: Film (American 70's Movies), Music (70's Soul, Jazz, Funk, Soundtracks)

  • FAVORITE DIRECTORS - in no particular order: Jonathan Demme, Peter Yates, Sam Peckinpah, Roger Corman, Allan Arkush, Jonathan Kaplan, Jean Luc Godard, John Cassavetes, Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, Al Ashby, Jack Hill, Jack Starrett, Martin Scorsese, David Cronenberg, John Landis, Ridley Scott, Joe Dante, Sidney Pollack, Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and many others
  • SOME OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FILMS (Mainstream & Exploitation): At The Circus, Duck Soup, Night Of The Hunter, Magnificent Obsession, Mean Streets, Phantom of The Paradise, Vanishing Point, The French Connection, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Next!, Switchblade Sisters, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, Blow Out, Easy Rider, Scarface (83) Sleeper, Bananas, Annie Hall, Stardust Memories, Mad Max, Duel, Jaws, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Once Upon A Time in America, The Steel Helmet, The Big Red One, Straw Dogs, The Breakfast Club, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Lust For Life, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Rosemary's Baby, The Wild Bunch, Soldier Blue, A Clockwork Orange, Superfly, Coffy, Enter The Dragon, The Chinese Boxer, Chinatown, A Bout De Souffle, The 400 Blows, La Strada, The Hustler, To Kill A Mockingbird, X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes, The Killers, Cool Hand Luke, The Flim Flam Man, The Hot Rock, Jeremiah Johnson, Straight Time, Carrie, RoadHouse, King of New York, Zombi 2, The Beyond, Evil Dead 2, Friday The 13th, To Live and Die in LA, The Fly, F/X, Do The Right Thing, GoodFellas, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Fargo, Box of Moonlight, Carlito's Way, Casino, Jackie Brown, Rushmore, The Big Lebowski, Training Day, The Yakuza and many more!
  • SOME OF MY FAVORITE MUSIC: James Brown, Joe Tex, Rufus Thomas, Jimmy McGriff, Charles Earland, Film Composers: Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann, Lalo Schifrin, Bruno Nicolai, John Williams, Quincy Jones, Jack Nitzsche, Akira Ifukube, Isaac Hayes, Riz Ortolani, Franco Micalizzi, Fabio Frizzi, Jerry Goldsmith,






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