Universal Cult Horror Collection

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The Films

  • The Mad Doctor of Market Street
  • House of Horrors
  • Murders in the Zoo
  • The Mad Ghoul
  • The Strange Case of Dr RX


From the Universal Studios vaults come five digitally remastered horror classics featuring madmen, fiends, murder and mayhem, many never released to home video and available only from TCM and TCM.com. These often overlooked cult titles represent Universal doing what they did best in the 30's and 40's – creating atmospheric and chilling B-Movie entertainment from a studio synonymous with horror cinema. Included here is the gruesome Pre-Code programmer, Murders in the Zoo, 1933, which still packs quite a punch. Each disc includes great bonus material including behind-the-scenes stills, posters and lobbycards, TCM Database info, and more. (TCM)


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