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The Grindhouse Cinema Database has many sections and articles that need to be edited/completed/added. This page lists the various sections that need the most work. The GCDb is committed to bringing online readers the most thorough information on the topics we cover. Our goal is to have a fully comprehensive wikipedia on classic-international exploitation & cult cinema. If you are a writer/enthusiast and would like to contribute to any of these areas, please contact us.

General Listing

  • Titles marked in bold are the most important at this time.

Genre Overviews

These are the various exploitation genres/subgenres that we would like to provide in-depth articles for.

The Birth of Exploitation Cinema, Dykesploitation, The History of Mexploitation, Nazisploitation, Nudies, Filipino Exploitation Cinema, Religious Exploitation, Roadshows, Roughies, Slasher Films, Women In Prison.

We also welcome any ideas for other articles on subgenres and topics we might not have listed.

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