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  • (Note: This film has been written about, but is more likely to be "Lost." This comment is a Historical note for the Database). This is yet another example of the Roadshow films from The 30's which may never see the light of day ever again, as it seems that this only received a very small release. This is the tale of Dr. Kent, who is fired from a hospital after being thought of as the performer of an illegal abortion and is determined to find out about and frame an abortion ring, which he knows about as a Dr. Paris comes to his Maternity clinic. This winds up to be the usual "Track 'Em Down" story with a backstabbing edge between the two doctors, a daughter of a friend of Dr. Kent's wandering into the danger after getting "In Trouble," and an interesting act of suicidal aggression from a patient of Dr. Paris's who is not so happy with what has happened to her by forcing him to take a ride with her...to a cliff. For some reason, I would love to see this one unearthed as this sounds like a Cult Classic waiting to be discovered.
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