Thunder in Dixie

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Thunder in Dixie (1964, USA) is a Hix-Cars-Sports film directed by William T. Naud.


Main Details

  • Released in 1964
  • B&W
  • Running time: 73 minutes
  • Production Co.:Willpat Productions
  • Directed by William T. Naud
  • Written by George Baxt
  • Starring: Harry Millard, Judy Lewis, Mike Bradford

Plot Summary

  • Mickey Arnold is a loving husband and a good friend to Ticker Welsh. However, when Mickey finds out that Ticker has seduced his wife, their friendship collapses. Now, the two are in a battle of wits, and Mickey can only win his wife back by getting first place in the annual Bible-Belt Race-a-Thon.


  • 22 Tons of Action!
  • She was guilty ... of EVERYTHING!
  • Love or Lust!....Glory or Disaster!
  • He was a man searching for something bigger than his dreams.
  • Where there's lightning...there's Thunder.
  • One man. One car. One race. One dream.
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