The Zebra Killer

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Combat Cops (Alt Title) poster


Also Known As

  • Brottsplats Chicago (Sweden)
  • Combat Cops (UK)
  • Kaupunki helvetissä (Finland)
  • Panic City
  • Quand la ville tremble (France)
  • The Get-Man (USA) (new title)
  • Zebra Killer (Italy)


  • The Zebra Killer Has The City In Panic
  • "No Black Man Ever Killed Like This!!"
  • They were names on a list and one by one they died! [Poster as Panic City]
  • Savage and Wilson are Combat Cops! A Hard Way To Live... An Easy Way To Die [Poster for Combat Cops]
  • One down - fourteen to go.

Main Details

  • Released in 1974
  • Color
  • Running Time: 92 Min.
  • Production Co: Mid-America Pictures
  • Distribution Co: Ambassador Film Distributors (1975) (Canada) (theatrical) | France-Inter Cinéma (1976) (France) (theatrical) | General Film Corporation (1974) (USA) (theatrical)

Cast and Crew

  • Directed by William Girdler
  • Written by William Girdler & Gordon Cornell Layne
  • Starring Juanita Moore, Austin Stoker, James Pickett, Hugh Smith, Charles Kissinger, Valerie Rogers, Tom Brooks
  • Produced by Philip Hazelton, Mike Henry, Gordon Cornell Layne, Arthur Marks, David Sheldon
  • Music: Jerry Styner (composer: song "You My Lady")
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