The Young Racers

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The Young Racers (1963, USA) is a Carsploitation film directed by Roger Corman.

Young racers poster 01.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1963
  • Color
  • Running Time: 84 Min.
  • Distributed by American International Pictures
  • Directed by Roger Corman
  • Written by R. Wright Campbell
  • Starring Mark Damon, William Campbell, Luana Anders, Patrick Magee
  • Produced by Roger Corman
  • Original Music by Les Baxter
  • Cinematography by Floyd Crosby
  • Film Editing by Ronald Sinclair

Plot Summary

  • A former race car driver-turned-writer attempts to expose a ruthless, womanizing Grand Prix racer - who may actually be sensitive and misunderstood.


  • Actually Filmed at the Grand Prix Tracks of the World
  • They Treated Beautiful Women as If They Were Fast Cars...ROUGH!
  • A little death each day, a lot of love every night!
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