The Woman Hunt - TNT Jackson Double Feature

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TNT JACKSON: When her brother is viciously wiped out by a gang of drug dealers, Diana 'TNT' Jackson (Jeanne Bell, Mean Streets) leaves Harlem behind and travels to the most dangerous part of Hong Kong to track down the killer and exact revenge the only way she knows how. Befriending a good-willed martial arts expert along the way, she is soon faced with fierce opposition from drug kingpin Sid (Ken Metcalf, Enter The Ninja) and his evil but alluring girlfriend Elaine (Pat Anderson, Cover Girl Models). Produced by Roger Corman, full of action-packed Kung Fu battles, TNT Jackson is a 'blaxploitation' cult extravaganza from the infamous Filipino exploitation stable.

THE WOMAN HUNT: Three sinister mercenaries Tony (John Ashley, The Twilight People), Silas (Sid Haig, The Devil's Rejects) and Karp (Ken Metcalfe,TNT Jackson) kidnap unsuspecting women for wealthy man Spyros (Eddie Garcia), who assembles a group to hunt them down on his secluded island. When a crisis of conscience gets the better of Tony, he decides to help some of them escape. McGee (Pat Woodell,The Big Doll House), Billie (Charlene Jones,The Curious Female) and Lori (Laurie Rose, The Working Girls) are running for their lives with Spyros' head of security, Magda (Lisa Todd, The Doll Squad), hot on their sweaty tails. Directed by Eddie Romero (Black Mama White Mama, The Twilight People), The Woman Hunt is a full-tilt exploitation romp in the true sense of cult cinema.

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