The Wild Women of Wongo

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The Wild Women of Wongo (1958, USA) is a Sexploitation-Adventure-Comedy film directed by James L. Wolcott.


Main Details

  • Released in 1958
  • Color
  • Running time: 72 minutes
  • Production Co.: Jaywall Productions | Wolcott Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Bentley
  • Directed by James L. Wolcott
  • Written by Cedric Rutherford
  • Starring: Jean Hawkshaw, Mary Ann Webb, Candé Gerrard

Plot Summary

  • Men, women and apes live together as three different tribes on the tropical island of Wongo. When the tribes discover that they live together on the island, ape-men start planning a raid on the tribe in order to capture mates.


  • Savage! Primitive! Untamed!
  • Even the birds and bees are confused..
  • Untamed maidens capture their mates!
  • Savage in battle... primitive in love... prehistoric beauties live by the code of the jungle!
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