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  • Two sisters named Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi) and Dagmar (Stefania D'Amario) arrive at a coastal resort for some rest and relaxation. While there they meet the owner Roberto (Vanni Materassi) and a local named Filippo (Marc Porel). One night at the resort's showroom they watch a woman named Stella Shining (Anna Zinnemann) perform. We learn that Filippo has a past with Stella only she's not interested in him anymore. We then see a local prostitute talking to someone in a car who wants to watch her have sex with another man. She goes along with it and in the next scene we see her giving head to the guy. After they finish up, the mysterious person comes out of the shadows and we see the silhouette of a huge penis moving towards the girl. When she gets an eyeful of the thing, she screams her head off. The unknown person then slaps her and winds up killing her with the monster phallus. So now we have a giallo with a killer who doesnt use a knife or a razor, but a huge dick? You can tell by watching this film that it was the final gasp for the 70s giallo craze. In closing I have to say, this is one of the most boring gialli I've seen. Theres plenty of flat breasted, dark bushed T & A, but that doesnt save the film from being a real dud. As a longtime giallo fan I don't consider this a good installment in the genre. It was pretty stupid to be honest. Not recommended. --Pete
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