The Old Dark House

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Main Details

  • Released on October 31, 1963
  • B&W/Color
  • Running time: 86 minutes (USA) | 77 minutes (UK)
  • Production Co.: Columbia Pictures | Hammer Studios | William Castle Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Columbia Pictures
  • Directed by William Castle
  • Written by Robert Dillon, from J.B. Priestley's novel Benighted
  • Starring: Tom Poston, Robert Morley, Janette Scott

Plot Summary

  • In England, an American car salesman ends-up spending a stormy night at the mysterious and deadly mansion of a client's family.


  • READY! SET! LAUGH! Join the fun in a nut-house of terror! (movie poster)
  • The Key to Spooks, Kooks, and Coffin Nooks... where the host with the most turns into a Ghost... and you... die...LAUGHING! (movie poster)
  • Scared stiff? Take a coffin-break!... to steady your nerves...and stifle your laughter! (movie poster)
  • You'll Die Laughing! It Runs Riot!
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