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'''The Lustful Vicar''' is a Swedish sexploitation comedy from 1970.
'''The Lustful Vicar''' ([[:Category:1970|1970]], [[:Category:Sweden|Sweden]]) is a [[:Category:Sexploitation|Sex]]-[[:Category:Comedy|Comedy]] film directed by Torgny Wickman.
* [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065954/reference IMDb]
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The Lustful Vicar (1970, Sweden) is a Sex-Comedy film directed by Torgny Wickman. Kyrkoherden.jpeg

Main Details

  • Release: 1970 (Sweden)
  • Director: Torgny Wickman
  • Writers: Bengt Anderberg, Inge Ivarson, Torgny Wickman
  • Stars: Jarl Borssén, Margit Carlqvist, Magali Noël, Solveig Andersson

Plot Summary

  • A witch's daughter take revenge on a vicar and bewitches him so that he suffers constant erection.

Also known as

  • Kyrkoherden
  • Les brebis du révérend
  • Le pecorelle del reverendo
  • Die mannstollen Weiber

Home Video

BluRay release by Forgotten Films (Germany) might happen in 2020 or 2021.

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