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  • Poor Sly, he was so broke in 1970 that he accepted this ultra-soft porn flick. Stallone, apparently, lived in the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Manhattan's West 42nd street. He was starving and would look for acting work in the trade papers every day and found an ad for this classic. The producers were paying $100 a day and you can buy a lot of food with that! Stallone plays Stud and lives with his horny girlfriend Kitty. All she want's to do all day is get it on with her man. She tells us in voiceover how she loves it when Stud drops the soap in the shower! Stud puts an ad on a bulletin board for a swingers party at his place and, low and behold, four very unattractive people turn up. We are treated to the naffest orgy ever and they all take part in an all-nude and hilarious version of Ring- A-Ring-Of-Roses! It's hard holding back the laughs as we see Stallone trying to look turned on as we get a close-up of his little winkle. In a perfect world they would re-release this at the cinema to tie in with Stallone's GET CARTER remake, that'll teach him. Believe it or not this movie is available on DVD overseas under the titles 'RANDY' and 'BOCKY' !! Complete with hardcore footage and more naked Stallone action. What are you waiting for?? --Mark Banville
  • Before Sylvester Stallone became a bonafide film superstar, he was in this early 70s softcore erotic film. It was first released as "The Party At Kitty and Studs" but after Stallone hit it big with Rocky, they changed the name to The Italian Stallion. I guess that would put it under the Rocky-sploitation sub-subgenre! --Pete
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