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  • The first feature starring role for Daphne Zuniga.
  • Some of the early scenes at the mental hospital were not actually shot by director Larry Stewart. Another director was originally attached to the film but the production got off to a rough start as shooting fell behind schedule and the budget started to be exceeded. Producers brought in director Larry Stewart to replace the original director on the film.
  • The location used for the mall was the Dallas International Market. The crew would shoot over night in the building after it closed at 7pm but would have to wrap up and be out by opening at 7am the next morning. So each night shoot at the location would have to be done in 12 hour increments.
  • Film debut of Hunter Tylo.
  • Marilyn Kagan, who plays "Marcia," went on to host a top-rated radio show, on KFI in Los Angeles. As she is an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker,) she took calls from listeners, and answered their therapeutic questions.
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