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  • The film is kinda good and sorta not (can't decide yet). Why is it Rated X? Makes no sense. There's bad acting in it but Bo Brundin as Arthur Malcolm awesome. The dude has an eyepatch the whole movie and this was before Christina Lindberg in Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1974). Guess what his technique is to pull out the eyes? Plain and simple: A spoon! (haha). Too bad there's no nudity in it. Also the first 5 minutes of the film were great. He tries to rob a female in her apartment while she's sleeping (and thats only for some money he needs to pay his rent). She awakes, grabs something and stabs out his eye. Like Arthur would say: "Arthur doesn't want to hurt you, but he has to." The ending was in pure exploitation style. See for yourself. --GBS
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