The Gumball Rally

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The Gumball Rally (1976, USA) is a cult classic Action-Comedy directed by Chuck Bail.


Main Details

  • Released in 1976
  • Color
  • Running time: 105 minutes
  • Distribution Co: Warner Bros.
  • Directed by Charles Bail
  • Produced by Charles Bail
  • Written by Leon Capetanos, Charles Bail
  • Starring Michael Sarrazin, Normann Burton, Raúl Juliá, Gary Busey, Joanne Nail
  • Music by Dominic Frontiere
  • Cinematography Richard C. Glouner

Plot Summary

  • An eclectic group of people takes part in a secret, and illegal, cross country road race.


  • It's a hilarious coast-to-coast, 180 mile-an-hour, go-for-broke, outrageous road race with the world's most expensive cars. And it's all just for glory and a gumball machine.
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