The Flying Guillotine

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The Flying Guillotine (1974, HK) is a Martial Arts film directed by Ho Meng Hua. Followed by The Flying Guillotine 2


Main Details

  • Released in 1974
  • Color
  • Runtime: 111 min
  • Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio
  • Directed by Ho Meng Hua
  • Written by Kuang Ni
  • Starring: Chen Kuan-tai, Chiang Ling, Chiang Yang, Ku Feng

Plot Summary

  • An assassin, trained in the use of a throwing weapon that can behead its victims from a distance, questions the morality of his missions and becomes a fugitive hunted by his former comrades.

Also Known As

  • Xue di zi
  • Grindhouse Database Newsletter
  • Exploitation books
  • Kung fu movies
  • Giallo BluRay