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  • An group of angry campers start plotting a prank against Cropsy, the camp maintenance man. They all agree that Cropsy deserves to be taught a lesson and they want to be the first in line to teach him the lesson. What seemed like an brillant prank at the time, it slowly goes wrong and Cropsy gets various burns all over his body. After being released from a hospital Cropsy heads back to Camp Blackfoot for some cruel revenge with his trusty garden shears. Believe it or not, The Burning was made by The Weinsteins. Looks like they might have some good taste after all. The Burning is obviously an rip-off of Friday The 13th, but The Burning is one of the better ones if not better than Friday The 13th. Unlike most summer camp slasher movies, The Burning actually makes you feel like your at that summer camp with those kids. In an odd way I actually felt sorry for Cropsy and kind of wanted to see him get his veagence on the camp, which doesnt happen alot of times for me. Your going to see some great future stars in The Burning such as Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter, and Fisher Stevens. The Burning is definitely one the best 80's slasher movies out there today with Tom Savini leading the way with some out of the world special effects for you all to soak up and enjoy. --Me
  • "The Burning" is one of the best flicks out of the slasher craze during the early 1980's. There's no doubt that the film is very similar to Friday the 13th (although there have been claims that it was written before Friday the 13th) but in my opinion it's actually a lot smarter than the original Friday the 13th. Personally the reason why "The Burning" will always stick with me is the fact that it didn't follow ever preconceived notion of the slasher film. It didn't follow the "final girl" phase that so many other films in the slasher genre did, the kids in the film are actually pretty innocent in the movie (no oversexed pot smokers at this camp!), and the storyline is actually pretty well constructed. Another bonus of the film would be it's soundtrack by Rick Wakeman from the band "Yes". Overall I would have to say that "The Burning" is one of the best slasher films out of the 80s and I'm probably one of the few people out there who find it much more compelling than the original Friday the 13th. --Ed Demko
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