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  • Unrated Version
  • Region 1
  • STUDIO: Severin Films
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Once Upon A Time In Space - Featurette with actor Venantino Venantini: A nice interview with one of the stars of the film. You will also get to see cameos by legendary Euro-film icons: Barbara Bouchet, Franco Nero and Giuliano Gemma.
  • PICTURE: (Ratio) 1:85:1/ 16 X 9 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • SOUND: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono (Italian)
  • SUBTITLES: English
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  • XXX Version
  • Region 1
  • STUDIO: Severin Films
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted Scenes including Outrageous Otherworldly Beast Climax
  • PICTURE: (Ratio) 1:85:1/ 16 X 9 Anamorphic Widescreen.
  • SOUND: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono (Italian)
  • SUBTITLES: English
  • DVD COMMENTS: Shamelessly mixing elements of Star Trek, the films of Walerian Borowczyk and Roman-style decadence, The Beast in Space is a one-of-a-kind flick that could only be found at the Grindhouse. Much thanks is due to Severin for uncovering this magnum opus of sleaze, although certain elements of this DVD release are lacking their usual pizzaz. The print and sound quality are top-notch for such a rarity, making you forget that the hardcore scenes are blatant inserts featuring other actors besides the leads. On the other hand, the English subtitles and Italian dialogue are a bit of a downer, if only because the cast is obviously speaking in English and many of the subs run much longer than necessary. Extras are also quite limited (probably due to lack of resources rather than laziness), offering up a "hardcore trailer" and several deleted sex scenes, including an absolutely shocking snippet of the beast ejaculating from its massive rubber phallus. As with everything released by Severin, it's definitely worth a look, but you may have a better shot at finding the unrated version. Sadly, the distributor of this DVD (Ryko, through parent company Warner Bros.) recently pulled this from production due to the unsimulated sexuality. Try your local videostore (I rented this from TLA Video in Philadelphia) or grab one of the remaining copies at Diabolik DVDs. Mdeapo


  • Shameless Sexploitation - 3-DVD Box Set ("Triple Sinema Bill")
  • Contains: Papaya dei Caraibi / La bimba di Satana / La bestia nello spazio
  • PAL, Region Free
  • out of print
  • Special Features: Shameless Rebuild with extra footage, previously only available in XXX version; Alternate scenes comparisons; Mariangela Giordano Bio adapted from Alan Jones & Mark Ashworth text;
  • Italian Audio with optional English Subtitles for Disc 2 & 3
  • The artwork of this collectible edition has been exclusively created for Shameless by top British illustrator Rick Melton
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