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  • A very old rich woman named Hetty March (Marjorie Eaton) wants to be young again. With the help of Dr. Otto Frank (Frank Grestle) she wants her brain in a beautiful young women's skull so she can live on with a perfect young body. She orders three girls for a job in her house and then she will decide which body it's gonna be in. The selection is Anita (Lisa Lang) from Spain, Nina (Erika Peters) from Austria and Bea (Judy Bamber) from England. Meanwhile, the doctor is experimenting further and transplants a cat brain into Anita's skull. Will the Doc succeed? Will the old rich lady get a young body? Will the cat finally get a brain back? This isn't my kind of movie. The story sounds cool, but when I watched it I found it boring. One funny thing was the black cat. Awesome. This movie doesn't need to be in your DVD collection but my suggestion is watch it on TV, rent it or buy it for cheap at a fleamarket. --GBS
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