The Adventures of Busty Brown

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The Adventures of Busty Brown (1964, USA) is a Sex-Crime film directed by Barry Mahon.


Main Details

  • Released in 1964
  • Color B/W
  • Running time: 61 min
  • Production Co.: Barry Mahon Productions
  • Directed by Barry Mahon
  • Starring: Laurie Dane, Susan Evans, Lotus Lee, Keith McConnell, and Gretchen Rudolph
  • Produced by Barry Mahon

Also Known As

  • Busty Brown (USA) (alternative title)
  • Dusty Brown (USA) (bowdlerized title)
  • Lusty Busty Brown (USA) (alternative title)
  • The Adventures of Rusty Brown (USA) (bowdlerized title)


  • She broke the case with every weapon she had available!
  • Meet The No.1 Female Private Eye!


Another two-day wonder from the mind of producer-director BARRY MAHON, The Adventures of Busty Brown is a sleazy slice of sex Noir starring the lovely LAURIE DANE as the titular character, a svelte private eye hired by an Asian importer to locate his young daughter, Lotus Lee, who’s been kidnapped by feared local gangster Limey, and forced to dance topless at his seamy nightclub in an attempt to blackmail the rich old man into handing over half of his business operations. (SWV)

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