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What do you get when you mix all girls’ high school and pinky violence? Lots of lesbian sex in the school bathroom that's for sure. But since we're not interested in such things, what else? Well, first of all, this is no ordinary high school but a school for girls that didn't quite fit the normal schools. The young chicks the government couldn't handle. The opening scene with the girls punishing the poor delinquent by draining her blood out should give you some taste of what's to come.

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Terrifying Girls' High School is the second Norifumi Suzuki film in the Pinky Violence box set and comes with the same lead cast as Girl Boss Guerilla; Miki Sugimoto as the lead, Ema Ryoko (who once again gets her shirt ripped in a fight against Miki) as the villain, and Reiko Ike, who's given probably the coolest introduction scene of the decade, in a supporting role. Yoko Mihara also appears in small role. But unlike Girl Boss Guerilla, this film is much darker in tone and more violent. Some scenes are genuinely disturbing although there's also lots of humor and a very cool soundtrack to lighten the tone a bit.

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Suzuki's usual mockery of the authorities goes so over the top that it's hard to say if he's really aiming at a political target or just having fun his own way. However, when the torture methods used by American soldiers in Vietnam find their way into the movie I don't think there are two ways about it. Suzuki himself has stated that he liked to insert (more or less) indirect political and social messages to his movies, as did many other Japanese directors of the 70's. In terms of exploitation content Lynch Law Classroom is clearly stronger than the other three films in the collection. It's an excellent, anarchistic film although not my favorite of the four films. But it's guaranteed to find its fans.

Reviewed by HungFist

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