Teenage Devil Dolls

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Teenage Devil Dolls (1955, USA) is a Crime film directed by Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1955
  • B&W
  • Runtime: 58 min.
  • Production Co: B. Lawrence Price Productions
  • Directed by Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.
  • Written by Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.
  • Produced by Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.
  • Cinematography by William R. Lieb & S. David Saxon
  • Editing by Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.
  • Music by Robert Drasnin
  • Starring Barbara Marks, Robert A. Sherry, Kurt Martell, Robert Norman, Lucille Price, William Kendell, Elaine Lindenbaum, Joel Climenhaga, Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.

Also Known As

  • One Way Ticket to Hell
  • Teenage Devil Dolls


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