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  • Ex-CIA man Duke Smith (Conrad) teams up with his old partner Wyatt Spain (Perry) to find the killers of an American businessman and his family. They uncover a government plan that's robbing a South Pacific island of it's resources. Conrad comes out with some classic lines like "I'm gonna spit in your face and kick you in the balls." He delivers this dialogue with utmost seriousness and was proud of this film until he saw the finished product. Anyway, a mean and professional assassin named Dominick (Stroud) is hired to erase Smith and Spain. They battle it out using martial arts and firepower and as the film's pressbook states - 'Only one will survive and for the other...SUDDEN DEATH'. The film ends abruptly as Smith returns home to find his wife and daughter shot between the eyes. The screen is tinted red leaving us with Smith's shocked expression. No credits. The End. --Mark Banville
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