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Fred is a bum. To make matters worse, he's a bum that lives in a junkyard with his little brother. To make matters even worse, a psycho Vietnam veteran named Bronson (who is king of the bums in the junkyard) would love nothing more than to kill Fred and his brother and wear their ears on a necklace. Throw in a toxic case of liquor called "Viper" that is being sold to the local homeless community (for a dollar a bottle!), by a scumbag liquor store owner (who found the case of alcohol in his basement) that causes the hobos to MELT, and you have the glorious 80's splatter fest that is Street Trash.

Streettrash-03-2.jpg Streettrash-02-1.jpg

Street Trash is an awesomely bad film. It contains foul language, violence, nudity, lush cinematography (a rarity in 80's splatter pictures), and exploding bums. Hell, a penis is even ripped off a man's body, then tossed around in a cruel game of keep away! What more can a fan of exploitation films ask for? Street Trash is a film that all lovers of 80' splatter MUST experience. It contains some of the wildest "melt downs" in cinema. Viper doesn't just make whoever drinks it melt, it turns the drinker into an irridescent fountain of goo! It was directed by Jim Murno, who is now a highly in demand cinematographer on big Hollywood films (he was the cinematographer on the Oscar winning film Crash), and maybe that's why this film looks so damn good. Watching this film I kept thinking "Splatter movies aren't supposed to look this pretty!". I could go on forever about this film, but I think it's better to let the movie speak for WATCH IT!

Reviewed by Action Jackson

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