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Based on a true story which took place in the 1600s, Story of A Cloistered Nun is one of the main films which kickstarted the whole Nunsploitation subgenre.

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Two upper class Italian families hold a wedding ceremony. The thing thats strange about it is that the couple are...babies! Yes, thats right. These people believed in starting early! The female baby is betrothed (promised to marry) the male heir of another family at the appropriate age. When the girl, Carmela (The gorgeous Eleonora Giorgi) gets to be eighteen, she is secretly in love with a peasant boy named Julian. Carmela's parents find out about her affair and are so ashamed they decide theres only one place she can go: a nunnery! They bring Carmela to the local cloister and there she is stripped of her possessions...and her clothes. The older nuns who help her get undressed slowly gaze upon her and one of the nuns accidentally massages her skin a few times. Carmela is put directly into a solitary confinement for several weeks as a kind of probational period. She begins to go stir crazy at one point, but she holds out and makes it through. As soon as she is released we find out pretty quickly that this cloister isn't about being pure, but about sneaking around and getting the hell outta there as much as possible. These are some of the hottest looking nuns I've ever seen. You have Sister Elisabetta (red hot Catherine Spaak), a devious lesbian nun who is also having an affair with a man (Umberto Orsini) on the outside. And you have Mother Superior (Suzy Kendall) who is the only one Carmela really trusts. One day, a nun is embroidering a cloth (but gets caught using a special tool) and after having her work insulted, talks back to Mother Superior and rips up the cloth in protest. As punishment she must lick the entire floor, then kiss the Holy Mother's shoe. I don't know why, but theres something about hot looking nun's licking a floor that turns me on!! Meanwhile, Carmela does her best to stay on the straight and narrow, but the other nuns pull her into their nightly rituals, which don't include praying! They goto what looks to be a "nun fun club". They dress up in beautiful clothing, drink and even act out male/female relationships with each other.

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Carmela finally gets a chance to sneak out of the cloister by herself to meet Julian and the two make love. What is it about those Italian actresses from the 70s that just make me drool? Well, when you see Carmela naked, you'll understand what I'm talking about. When Carmela returns to the convent, she confesses to Sister Elisabetta that she is pregnant with Julian's child. But one night after being summoned to her Elisabetta's cell, Carmela refuses Elisabetta's advances. Elisabetta swears she will get back at her. Elisabetta asks her lover to kill Julian and she delivers news to the heads of the church that one of their nuns is pregnant. This is of course seen as a heavy sin and the heads of the church demand the pregnant nun come forward. Carmela steps up, but suddenly each of the other nun's begins saying THEY are the one who had the baby. This miffs the head priest and he decides to get rid of all the nuns. In an act of love, the other nun's give their lives so Carmela and her baby can live. They have Carmela hide in the church until they are gone. Carmela now must decide whether to honor their lives as a nun or to live as a regular part of society with her child...

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Story of a Cloistered Nun is a really great example of Nunsploitation at its best. While it delves into the themes of trademark lesbian sex and backstabbery that the subgenre is most well known for, its also a historically accurate film thats beautifully directed and photographed. The main actresses featured are some of the sexiest of the day. This was Eleonora Giorgi's debut role and she was one smokin' babe. I really enjoyed this film and I highly recommend it to Nunsploitation fans!


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