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Shout! Factory

For fans of classic exploitation and cult cinema, Shout Factory and its sublabel Scream Factory have been releasing an outstanding slate of movies on home video for the past several years. From the eyecatching cover artwork to the excellent bonus features, these titles provide movie aficionados much pleasure. Our Shout Factory guide showcases some of their best releases as they pertain to our site. NOTE: We only cover films from a certain time period (drive-in/grindhouse era) so you won't see more recent titles. We highly recommend all the DVDs and BluRays we've listed here. You'll see a nice selection of both rare gems and more mainstream fare. To purchase, simply click the covers and press "Buy" on their home video page. Thank you for supporting the GCDb!

Horror/Thrillers & Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Best of Vincent Price

Action/Thriller Classics

Shout Select

Cult Movie Marathon: 4 Feature Sets

Kung Fu Classics

Roger Corman Collection

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