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  • Mark Lindsay (former lead singer for the 60s garage rock/pop group "Paul Revere and the Raiders") co-wrote the music with W. Michael Lewis. The performing credit is listed as "The Wonderland Philharmonic". "Wonderland" refers to the house that Lindsay lived in at one time. Music cues from the original Lone Wolf and Cub films are also used.
  • Samples from the film can be heard in The Wu Tang Clan alum GZA's album "Liquid Swords".
  • Comedienne-actress Sandra Bernhard (then unknown) provided the voice of several of the female characters in the film.
  • The New World Pictures karate action film Firecracker aka Naked Fist stole the score from Shogun Assassin without the consent or knowledge of the creators. The two parties later settled the issue.
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