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The film opens in a carnival's sideshow with the "barker" (Or talker) telling the patrons about the most grotesque freak on the lot. This certain freak was once a beautiful woman. Sound familiar? Yup, She Freak is basically just a remake of Freaks, but nowhere near as good. Since we already know how the movie ends, we expect there to be a payoff along the way. But I sure didn't find one. But anyway, here's the story. Jade Cochran (Claire Brennen) is a bored and eager waitress in some Texas diner who wants more in life. She gets a chance to break free when a traveling carny pays a visit to the diner and tells her to make a stop at the west coast carnival to see if there are any openings. She eventually finds work as a waitress for both the workers and patrons inside the fairgrounds. Jade then gets advice from a stripper/dancer nicknamed "Moon" (Lynn Courtney) on who she should hook up with. Jade can't decide between the reckless Ferris Wheel foreman, Blackie (Lee Raymond) or the wealthy sideshow manager, Steve St.John (Bill McKinney) She picks Steve and proposes to marry. But the romance between Jade and Blackie continues to go on even in marriage and a final confrontation results in death.

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Now I have a soft spot for movies that deal with carnival life, but what hurts this one is that there's virtually no establishment on how doomed Jade is supposed to be throughout the movie. We get the warning in the very beginning, but her gold-digging attitude and hatred of sideshow freaks doesn't occur untill the last 10 minutes. It's much too late for the audience to even care what happens. A great opportunity missed. What a shame.

Reviewed by Laydback

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