Searching for Cannibal Holocaust

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Searching for Cannibal Holocaust (2021) is a full length documentary about the making and impact of Cannibal Holocaust directed by Calum Waddell .

BluRay releases

  • March 16, 2022
  • Standard edition re-release

  • Release date: September 24, 2021
  • Label: 8-Films, who have also released Deodato Holocaust (2019)
  • Limited and padded mediabook (BluRay and DVD)
  • 200 page tenebrarum-Booklet MONDO CANNIBALE – ANATOMIE DES KANNIBALENFILMS by Martin Beine
  • Extras: The Last Supper – The Final Days of the Italian Cannibal Film (Engl. mit dt. UT); That’s Not The Amazon – The Strange Story of the Eurociné Cannibal Film Cycle (Engl. mit dt. UT); Cannibal Recollections – An additional Interview with Carl Gabriel Yorke (Engl. mit dt. UT); Deviant Dubbing – Recollections with Gregory Snegoff (Engl. mit dt. UT); Last Cannibal Words– Massimo Foschi on his Jungle Holocaust (Ital. mit dt.+ engl. UT); tenebrarum-Specials; Foreword by Calum Waddell; Hidden Feature; Trailer
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