Sappho Darling

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Sappho Darling (1968, USA) is a Lesbian-themed-Sexploitation-Shocksploitation-Drama-Romance film directed by Albert Zugsmith.

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Main Details

  • Released on December 25, 1968
  • Color
  • Running time: 100 minutes
  • Production Co.: Svenska Europa Company of Artists
  • Distribution Co.: Cambist Films
  • Written and directed by Albert Zugsmith
  • Starring: Carol Young, Yvonne D'Angers, Alyn Darnay

Plot Summary

  • A pretty young girl named Sappho is, despite her boyfriend's best efforts, determined to remain a virgin until she marries. One day she picks up a beautiful, busty hitchhiker named Brigitte, and finds herself attracted to the sexy young blonde.


  • Virginity, o my virginity, where will you go if I lose you?
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