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Ruckus (1981, USA) is a Crime-Thriller film directed by Max Kleven.

Ruckus 11 1981.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1981
  • Color
  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Production Co: International Vision
  • Distribution Co: International Vision (1981) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Max Kleven
  • Written by Max Kleven
  • Starring: Dirk Benedict, Linda Blair, Richard Farnsworth, Matt Clark, Jon Van Ness, Taylor Lacher, Clifford A. Pellow, Ben Bates, Jerry Gatlin, Bennie E. Dobbins, Bobby Hughes, A.J. Blake, Melanie Weeks, Patrick Connolly, Bob Peeler
  • Produced by Richard P. LaCivita, Paul Maslansky, Timothy Rabbitt
  • Original Music by Tommy Vig
  • Cinematography by Don Burgess, Michael A. Jones
  • Film Editing by Angelo Bernarducci

Also Known As

  • Big Ruckus in a Small Town (USA) (Video Title)
  • Ruckus in Madoc Country
  • The Loner


  • On the long lonely journey from a past he wanted to forget, to the uncertain future which awaited, he wanted to be left alone... but only she understood. So if they wanted trouble, there was bound to be a ruckus.
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