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The third film isn’t quite as good as the first two but still a lot of fun. The main villain is less impressive than before and the film is missing especially memorable scenes but the action is well shot (no more zoomings problems like in part two) and the cast is pretty nice. The lovely Michi Love appears in the film briefly and thankfully takes part in one action scene, too. Masashi Ishibashi - yeah, he’s in the movie – once again plays one of the villains. And man, he’s been given some seriously cool clothes this time. Just wait till you see him, he’s amazing. I love that guy. You know, if I ever find out he’s made a movie where plays the good guy I’ll buy that film in an instant.


While the story is rather non-existent and the little there is doesn’t even always make sense there’s other, much more important things like the coolness factor. When the crime boss has to pic one of his thugs for a fight he takes his knife, throws it to the roof and kills a butterfly with it, then the knife falls to one guy’s shoulder and that’s the man he’s chosen for the job. That’s some serious inventiveness! And who’s the guys he’s gonna fight? That’s Yasuaki Kurata of course, returning in a different role. Other stuff worth mentioning include a martial arts tournament which makes you wonder if you’re watching a taiwanese martial arts movie istead of a Sister Street Fighter film. Lets just say some of the participants are rather weird.

Reviewed by Hung Fist

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