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There is a reason, Laura Gemser graces the cover of the DVD. It's really Just Jaekin's first entry in this three-story experimental endeavor that both draws all the attention and is also the most interesting. It's a spin on the stranded stranger theme, and it builds up slowly to a point where the stranded sailor starts his encounter with a beautiful island goddess who takes him in and he starts living with her and a few other women. There is a very interesting spin to this story that I won't give away here, and it will make it really interesting to viewers. In the end however, was it all a dream, or was it reality? After all, he broke down exhausted and dehydrated on the beach after he was thrown off his sailboat. The other two stories are also interesting experiments but I had to skip through them because they bored me. They will find their admirors but I am not one of them. Overall, this is for adventurous cineastes only, or die-hard fans of Laura. -- Seb

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