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  • Original Music by Andrzej Korzynski


A1. The Night The Screaming Stops (Opening Titles) A2. Opetanie 1 A3. Meeting With A Pink Tie A4. Opetanie 2 A5. Anna Rewards Mark A6. Possesion - Orchestral Theme 1 A7. Kreuzberg 1 A8. Opetanie 3 A9. Mark Looks In The Fridge A10. Heinrick's Demise A11. Opetanie 4 A12. Possession - Orchestral Theme 2 A13. Blue Ford B-AZ6 A14 Helen Has Green Eyes B1. Opetanie 5 B2. Bloody Embrace B3. Kreuzberg 2 B4. Detective's Desserts B5. Kreuzberg 3 B6. Kreuzberg 4 B7. The Night The Screaming Stops (Tempo) B8. Mark Formulates A Plan B9. Mark Sees Everything B10. Closely Observered Anna B11. Opetanie 6 B12. What Is It? B13. The Man With The Pink Socks

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