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"PORNO HOLOCAUST is an outrageous 1981 Italian sexploitation horror schlock from Joe D'Amato. A group of scientists land on a deserted island to discover a rather well endowed radioactive sex-crazed monster that takes a liking to the female scientists in the group. Loaded with X-rated sex scenes and generous amounts of blood and gore, it's sleazy enough to avoid showing your parents or loved ones. The score by Nico Fidenco is another one of his incredible blends of funk, moody synth and fuzzed-out disco. Easily up there with ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST and his EMANUELLE films. Essential stuff from an unsung maestro. First time ever on vinyl." (Product description)

Porno Holocaust Soundtrack Vinyl

TRACK LISTING Porno Holocaust (Seq. 1) (Seq. 2) (Seq. 3) Sexy Night (Seq. 4) (Seq. 5) (Seq. 6) (Seq. 7) (Seq. 8) (Seq. 9) (Seq. 10) (Seq. 11) (Seq. 12) (Seq. 13) (Seq. 14) (Seq. 15) (Seq. 16) (Seq. 17)

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