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  • Jackie Chan sustained burns on his hands during the pole slide scene in the mall. The Christmas tree lights were plugged into the wall instead of a low-voltage car battery.
  • Jackie Chan was hospitalized following the stunt where he flips over the balcony and crashes through the glass and light display, as he was not breathing.
  • The reason that "Police Story" (the literal translation) had such a plain name was because every time Jackie Chan started a new project in Hong Kong, everyone else followed. For example, when Drunken Master II (1994) was announced, every filmmaker started making drunken boxing movies. With "Police Story", no one knew what to expect, except a police movie, and at that time in Hong Kong cinema, no one had ever made a kung fu police movie before.
  • The scene where the villains crash through the bus window and fall onto the ground, was an accident. They were really supposed to fall onto the car, but due to the air brakes of the bus, there was a pump back, creating space between the bus and the car.
  • This is Jackie Chan's only Hong Kong Academy "Best Picture" award movie.
  • So much glass was used that the crew began calling the movie "Glass Story".
  • Jackie Chan's favorite Police Story movie and favorite movie of his own.
  • The producers used stunt "sugar glass" twice as thick as ordinary stunt glass for greater realism. Unfortunately, this also led to a higher injury rate among stuntpeople.
  • This film project came about as a result of Jackie Chan's frustration and dissatisfaction with The Protector (1985).
  • In 1990, Miramax Films had offered Chan the chance to make another attempt into the American movie market, which meant acquiring the rights to this movie and Police Story 2 (1988), and splicing the two movies into one. Jackie rejected this proposal, as he was not fond of the idea.
  • In the double decker bus scene, Jackie used a metal umbrella because a wooden one kept slipping when he tried to hang onto the bus.
  • Brigitte Lin did many of her own stunts.
  • The climactic mall pole slide sequence was filmed in one take, without any rehearsals or use of wires.
  • Number sixty in the Hong Kong Film Awards' List of The Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures (2005).
  • Jackie Chan sings the theme song "Hero Story" in the outtakes.
  • The first movie produced by Jackie Chan's production company, Golden Way Films.
  • Stuntman Blackie Shou Liang Ko doubled for Jackie Chan during a motorcycle stunt in which his character drives through glass towards a hitman.
  • Between 1994 and 2004, the Hong Kong television series Police Report adopted this movie's theme song sung by Jackie Chan, as its own theme. Since 2009, the same song is re-adopted as the theme song of Police Report, but sung by Hacken Lee. Televised job advertisements for the Hong Kong Police also adopted segments of the song.
  • The only Police Story movie that featured shoot-outs and gunfights in the opening scene.
  • According to the subtitled trailer, the lyrics for the closing credit song are as follows: "None but my own steely self / and total dedication / I sweat, I bleed / in search of the Great Way. / Lives, put down as wagers, may spin a few sagas / Defying against distresses, so brave / walking around in arrogance, like the lion. / It's onward and march, with consequences known to one's self / Climb and climb, I'll put my name on the clouds. / With pride, I write down the poem of my life / Passion and love, tears and follies - honesty: an end in itself / Life: something to gamble with, when epic stories are retold / Hail the hero with the will of steel who watches the world like a lion / Forward we go / As consequences are known to one's own self / On the double, I must soar over the clouds / Forward I must go... Man must stand sky high."
  • This was the first of many collaborations between Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung, unless Center Stage (1991) (which Chan executively produced) is counted.
  • This is the first of Jackie Chan movies; and first Police Story movie; in which Jackie Chan appeared nude on-screen, which was during the shower scene.
  • This was the second collaboration between Jackie Chan and Brigitte Lin.
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