Pimps, Players & Private Eyes

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  • Music by Various Artists


1. Bobby Womack & Peace: Across 110th Street 2. The Impressions: Make A Resolution (Three The Hard Way) 3. The Four Tops: Are You Man Enough? (Shaft In Africa) 4. Marvin Gaye: Trouble Man 5. Isaac Hayes Theme From Shaft 6. Millie Jackson: Love Doctor (Cleopatra Jones) 7. Willie Hutch: I Choose You (The Mack) 8. O.C. Smith: Blowin' Your Mind (Shaft's Big Score) 9. Willie Hutch: Theme Of Foxy Brown 10. Curtis Mayfield: Pusherman (Super Fly)

This supercool soundtrack compilation was my earliest introduction to Blaxploitation Cinema before I had actually seen any of the movies. It was released in 1991 and produced by Ice-T and Jorge Hinojosa. I remember when I saw the cover in the store the illustration and title really grabbed me. It just sounded and looked cool! I loved the funky, soulful music by musicians like Isaac Hayes, Willie Hutch and Curtis Mayfield (among others) and it definitely made me more intrigued about the Blaxploitation genre. This was a little while before the movies started to come back into popular consciousness and get released on DVD. Since those days I've become a huge fan of Blaxploitation and seen a good amount of the films. Pimps, Players & Private Eyes was a perfect place to start my appreciation and interest in them! - Pete R.

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