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'''Petersen''' ([[:Category:1974|1974]], [[:Category:Ozploitation|Australia]]) is a drama film directed by Tim Burstall.
'''Petersen''' ([[:Category:1974|1974]], [[:Category:Ozploitation|Australia]]) is a drama film directed by Tim Burstall.
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*'''Featured in''': [[Ozploitation Trailer Explosion]] | [[Not Quite Hollywood]]

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Petersen (1974, Australia) is a drama film directed by Tim Burstall.


Main Details

  • Released October 25, 1974 | November 1975 (USA)
  • Color
  • Running time: 107 minutes | 97 minutes (USA)
  • Production Co.: Bilcock & Copping Film Productions | Hexagon Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Roadshow Film Distributors | AVCO Embassy
  • Directed by Tim Burstall
  • Written by David Williamson
  • Starring: Jack Thompson, Jacki Weaver, Wendy Hughes

Plot Summary

  • A married electrician and former football star begins a degree in English at university, where he has an affair with his professor's wife.


  • When he wasn't fighting...he was getting in OTHER trouble! [Video Australia]
  • What happens to Tony Petersen could only happen to someone who loves life...but gives it a hell of a beating [Theatrical Australia]
  • To big bad "Jock" Petersen...love is just another four letter word!
  • If explicit sensuality is too shocking for you, Petersen may be too strong. But if you believe in realistic revelations he's the man to see!
  • Life's kicked Petersen around long enough...now it's his turn to kick back!

Also Known As

  • Jock Petersen
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