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  • Region B
  • Studio: Umbrella Ent.
  • Special Features: Audio commentary with director Richard Franklin • NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD interviews with cast and crew • A Coffee Break with Antony I. Ginnane • Archival on set interview with Richard Franklin • 1981 interview with Richard Franklin• "Where was it Filmed?" featurette • Excerpt from dubbed US version • US trailer • TV spots • PATRICK VIVE ANCORA trailer • Original Theatrical Trailer • Antony I. Ginnane trailer reel • Stills and poster gallery • Optional English subtitles for the main feature • Patrick (2013) takes off from three years where Patrick has been lying mute and immobile, a patient in an isolated clinic, where renegade neurologist, Dr. Roget conducts horrific experiments on the long term comatose, watched on by the glacial Matron Cassidy.
  • TBR

  • 35th Anniversary Edition
  • Region A B C
  • Studio: Umbrella
  • Extras: Audio commentary, interviews, trailers, US dubbed trailer, and more
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