Nikkatsu Roman Porn No Sekai (Music)

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database



Japanese porno grooves from the mid 70s -- served up in a range of styles that are quite different than their American or European counterparts! There's definitely a "sexy" feel to the music here -- one that sometimes comes through with conventional electric funk riffing -- but the overall quality of the work is much broader, and often features fuzzy guitar, trippy instrumentation, or other bits that come across as a bit more abrasive than anything you might hear in American porn! And even when things are sweeter and softer, there's still a bit of an edge -- a kind of tonal quality to some of these tunes that might be more at home in horror than anything else -- even when there's a more straightforward groove going on. Not that we mind, mind you -- because the array of styles makes this one way more than just the usual porno groove collection -- another incredible entry in the Nikkatsu soundtrack series from Ultra Vybe! Notes and titles are all in Japanese -- but we can tell you that the package has some very crazy images. (Dusty Groove)

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